Think You Can’t Learn How to Draw? Think Again!


Drawing for Beginners

I went through most of my adulthood thinking I couldn’t learn how to draw. I wanted to, but I didn’t know what the first steps of drawing for beginners actually were. Artists who are more advanced take for granted how they hold their pencil, how they position their paper, and how they move their drawing hand and shoulder. Here you are going to find all the drawing tips for beginners that you need and nothing at all is taken for granted! I take you step by step through your first drawing session so open your sketchbook to the first page and let’s get started!

To familiarize yourself with all we will be doing, check out our Drawing for Beginners video–you will see all the details I discuss here put into practice so you can see how to hold your pencil, make marks on the paper, and what things to draw for beginners. Watch it again and again until you memorize the finer points and you are ready to move to the next lesson.

And enter your email to download your free eBook on Learning How to Draw now — with 26 free beginner drawing techniques you can practice in your sketchbook right now!


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